Tõu- ja tasemekatse 18-19 mai 2019 Jõgevamaal

10:36 Kadri 0 Comments

We participated with Leia in the retrievers qualifying test organised by Estonian Golden Retriever Club this weekend, judge was Ossi Kähärä from Finland. We passed the waterwork nicely and I was really happy about Leia's co-operation will. Unfortunately she had too much energy to do the proper search and forgot about her good nose, so not enough dummies arrived from the forest to pass. She is still very young and it was a good training excercise for us, as she has never seen a boat, a gunman nor so many people behind us during the training. We will continue in our own tempo :)
On Sunday, I was a secretary for the judge and learned a lot myself again about what to look for and what is important. Thank you all for the nice company!

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