Säde passed the retriever qualifying test (NOU)

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Kohtunik / judge: Mr Petri Tuominen, Finland
Säde (Sansue Blue Sparkle) tulemus: sooritatud / result: passed 

I am so happy, as she is only 13 months old and worked with full joy!

Kirjeldusest üldmulje: Innukas ja töövalmis noor koer, kellel on pehme suu ja soov omanikuga koos töötada. Sooviks näha veidi kiiremat loovutust.

Valmis / ready
First picking up from water
Second picking up from water - thrown from the boat on longer distance
Search - pheasants from the woods
And last final part - tracking the rabbit
Our wonderful group with judge and organizing team :)

National show for hunting breeds at Türi

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Säde, Sansue Blue Sparkle 13 months old

Judge: Mrs Kirsi Nieminen, Finland
Junior class
Grade: Very Good
Description: Very good type, still very narrow bitch who needs more time to mature, feminine head, would prefer more forechest, excellent hind-quarters, nice strong bones, moves with drive, lovely temperament, well handled.