Yip - Yellows Yellow-Watermelon-Yippee

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Yip 22 months old

DOB: 29.03.2002-17.02.2016
Breeder Irene and Tomas Ellström, Sweden
Hips AA, elbows 00
prcd-PRA, PRA1, PRA2 - clear
ichtyosis - carrier
Height at withers 64cm
COI at 20 generations 27,84
Internal Relatedness 0,13

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S(u)CHColbar Step Ahead

SH CH Gunhills Blue River

SH CH Sansue April Joker

Melfricka Ace In the Hole

SH CH Sansue Phoebe 

Gunhills Betty

SH CH Gaineda Consolidator of Sansue

Gunhills Beautiful Bianco

SH CH Colbar Royal Rhapsody

SH CH Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien

Sansue Castalian

Kerrien Calypso of Paudell

SH CH Telkaro Royal Romance of Colbar 

SH CH Linchael Conspiracy Of Chevanne

Colbar Summer Breeze Of Telkaro

S(u)CH Yellows Strawberry- Starlet

Ritzilyn Bowstreet Runner

SH CH Amirene King Eider of Davern

SH CH Nortonwood Checkmate

Stalyhills Miss Avenger of Amirene

Ritzilyn Tickled Pink

Ritzilyn Jefferson JW

Rossford Dolly Mixture Of Ritzilyn
S(u)CH Delicat´s Angelica

SV CH Sandusky Medallian Man

Australian CH Tasvane Charles Henry

SH CH Gyrima Solitaire

Birdcherrys Spiritual Love NO CH Stenbury Waterwizardry

Birdcherrys Rich of Love
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Yip was my first dog and somehow we did work everything out quite naturally. We did not try anything too hard, but enjoyed as his happy and enthusiastic temperament to lead the way. I showed him in junior class, where he gained 1 Estonian Jun CAC and was placed 2nd in junior class at Baltic Winner Show 2003. Then we concentrated more on birdhunting and by that I mean real work with real hunters. We participated in pheasant hunt every spring and that became traditional ending of hunting season. I learned that he would qualify to participate in retrievers qualifying test only in 2013, when he was already 11 years old. Just never thought about it before. We tried once and he passed the blind search, but failed in waterwork in frozen lake - I would say he was a wise dog knowing his age and physical condition. He was very gentle and careful with those smaller than himself, always in good mood and willing to please. His tail was always wagging, so when he was already 10 years old, people could not tell the difference from happy youngster :) This is how we remember him. And it needs to be mentioned here, he definitely was a ladies man (this is why I stopped showing him after junior class - he cared too much about nice smelling girls in the showring :) But girls never interested him in hunting situations :) We returned to showring and tried again in Veteran class, where he collected all 3 needed Veteran CAC-s in only three shows we entered.
Thank you Yip, you will be always in our hearts!
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