Training day with Sari Kunnas and Matti Rusi

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We had an excellent training day with Sari and Matti from Finland. I had Säde to train and it went with some surpraises like it is always with her :) First she surprised me with being really great and heeling nicely (never specially teached it to her so far). By the end of the day she got bored I believe, as it was really a long day and after nice long distance retrieve she decided half way back that this is enough for the princess and went to search for the more interesting smells in the forest :P Got her back soon, but decided that the day is over for her and was only looking and listening at the last two tasks :)
Photo by Pille-Riin Sepp: Säde 2,5 years old

Photo by Pille-Riin Sepp: Säde 2,5 years old

Photo by Pille-Riin Sepp: Säde 2,5 years old

Unofficial Working Test at Kauksi 23rd October 2016

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First, we had a training day on Saturday
And on Sunday, we had a Working Test with judge Elena Igonen from Finland

How I went to see a Working Test in Germany

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Thank you Mercedes and Thomas for welcoming me and taking to the trainings and Working Test!

More photos on here in Flickr

Septembri taseme- ja tõukatsed / Cold game tests in September

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I was head organiser of NOME-B tests on 3-4 September, with Mr Antti Nurmi judging from Finland
First day I was acting also as secretary, so had a good look on all the participants. Second day was much harder as the weather was warm and I also had to run around with the birds :) Great photos by Pille-Riin deliver the moods of the days very accurately :)

How I went to see and photograph Nordic Championship WT for Golden Retrievers

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Last weekend, 13-14. August Nordic Championship Working Test for Golden Retrievers was held in Finland, Messilä.
In a very last moment, I decided to drive up there and see how it all works and perhaps take some photos too if possible, as it is only 2 hour ferry and 1,5 hour car drive to north :)

There was excellent high entry: 4 teams from Denmark,  4 teams from Finland, 3 teams from both Norway and Sweden.

Winners were:
1. Team 9 / Finland 1 with points 220
    FI KVA Doubleuse Easter Rocket & Minja Vitikka (C)
    Coasthill Irish Coffee & Jorma Husso
    FI KVA Phasianus Desiree & Tuija Aaltonen
Team Finland 1

2. Team 3 / Denmark 1 with points 205
    DKBRCH FIBRCH NOJCH NORDBRCH SEJCH Tanjin Gismo & Morten Schousboe Rasmussen
    DKBRCH  Gleen Mhor`s Niko & Claus Kristensen
    Gleen Mhor’s Jack The Ripper & Kurt Vium
Team Denmark 1
3. Team 11 / Sweden 2 with points 178
    Doubleswing & Nina Johansson (C)
    SE LCH Krankesjöns Red Pearl & Andrea Andersson
    LPIII LCH Havtornets Tempranillo & Margret Bengtsson

I will upload all my photos here in Flickr, but it will take some time until all are done.

It was really wet that day :)
Me and my camera on the back :)

How I organised a retrievers qualifying test at Kisejärve, Võrumaa

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As part of the Estonian Retrievers  Society summer days, I organised the first qualifying test so far from Tallinn, at beautiful surroundings of Kisejärve, Võrumaa. Some photos taken by brilliant Pille-Riin to show the feelings of the event will follow here.
My sincere thanks will go to all participants, who were courage to try the new grounds; to the big team of helpers including judge Riin, secretary Katri, gun Õie, game handler Merle and boatman Saarnits :) Biggest congratulations will go to the team that passed the test that day - Ivi and Chilly - I am so proud and happy for you :)
Beautiful South Estonia
Judge Riin with the only passer of the test, Ivi with Chilly
Secretary and the Judge
Passing team of Ivi and Chilly

ERTÜ suvepäevad / Estonian Retriever Club summer show

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Both my dogs were totally out of coat, but as breed specialist Mary Neil was judging, I did not want to miss that chance.
Photos thanks to Kadi Haljand :)

Training day with Finnish judge Ossi Kähärä / tasemekatse treeningpäev

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We had with Säde a wonderful warm training day organized by Estonian Retriever Club, thank you Riin for organizing and Pille-Riin for excellent photos! All excercises were demanding but built up in a way that all dogs had a possibility to suceed. Säde did very well, I was surprised how fast our weekly trainings are showing results, so we work on!