Liepaja, Läti 13-14. detsember 2014 / Liepaja, Latvia 13-14.dec 2014

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Kohtunik / judge: Julija Ardietiene, LT
Tøre ninne suurepärane, SK / Excellent, CQ
Juunior sertifikaat, Eriauhind / Jun CAC, Promotion Prize
Parim isane 4. /Best Male 4.

Kohtunik / judge: Pietro Marino, IT
Tøre ninne suurepärane / Excellent
Eriauhind / Promotion Prize
Isane juunior 3. /Male Jun 3.

"16 months old, correct bite, good type, correct proportions, head and body. Good reach of neck, correct profile of chest, good bones. Correct and good movement."


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Sir Henry William Paget, 1st Marquess of Anglesey Shooting Blackcock on Cannock Chase, with His Dog “Nep,” by William Henry Davis 1830
Retriever with a dead duck by Daniel Clowes (1774-1829)
Newfoundland Dog by Daniel Clowes (1774-1829)

But even if the truth can spoil a good story, it must be respected, if only for its ensuing value.

photo credit: National Trust Images/John Hammond: A shooting party at Ranton Abbey, Staffordshire by Sir Francis Grant, 1840

John E. Ferneley d.J. - Coachman with Newfoundland dog, 1823

Kedianai (Lithuania) national show 7. december 2014

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Judge: Marko Lepasaar, Estonia
Junior class (6 dogs) - place 4th, excellent

Judgement: 16 months old, excellent strong bone, correct type, good stop, level topline, could have more forechest, correct hindquarters angulation, a bit narrow at movement.