Official Working Test in Kauksi, 26th of August 2017

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Säde's points were: 0, 6, 10, 0 :)
But we did not get the last place and we are very happy to have been part of this historical and friendly event!

Working Test training camp in Kauksi, August 2017

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 4-days full of trainings with Maria from Hungary and Yulia from Russia, but also managed to have some fun with our team-mates Lucky, Benji and Kara :)

Olgina rahvuslikud näitused / National shows at Olgina 5-6. August 2017

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5th of August:
Kohtunik / Judge: Petru Muntean, Romania
Tuure (Giddygold Pure Magic Of Cinnamon), almost 4 years old
Male open class: Excellent, 1., CAC, Best Male, Best of Breed

Säde (Sansue Blue Sparkle), 3 years old
Bitches working class: Very Good, 1.

6th of August:
Kohtunik / Judge: Augustin Ionescu, Romania (among other breeds has been breeding Golden Retrievers)
Tuure (Giddygold Pure Magic Of Cinnamon)
Male open class: Excellent, 1., Best Male, Best of Breed

Säde (Sansue Blue Sparkle)
Bitches working class: Excellent, 1., CAC, Best Bitch 3

Tuure in Group 8 competition with Tsuumi, the labrador on right :) Photo Tatjana Zamorskaja

Tuure, photo by Pille-Riin Sepp

Tuure, male open class. Photo Merike Kalle.

Säde in working class. Photo Merike Kalle
Thank you Pille-Riin with Tsunami and Andy for great and inspiring company, love you all! Also thank you to Tatjana for organising such a cute show in a beautiful Old Olgina Manor!