Osalesime Eesti Jahimeeste kokkutulekul / We participated in Estonian hunters annual gathering

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Säde got to do some excercises

Explaining the work of retrievers

at our Club's tent with labrador Tsunami owned by our fantastic photographer Pille-Riin and Säde

1-2. juuli tasemekatse korraldamine / How I organized nome-B cold game test

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Results of second day: Beginners and Winner class rosettes are shared out well 
Together with Katri, we organised NOU and Nome-B tests on 1st and 2nd of July. On 1st July there were 8 participants in NOU (Retrievers Qualifying Test) and I was helping Katri when she did her judging apprentice with our Finnish judge Tuija Hukkanen. In the afternoon of 1st day, we started with the Nome-B (cold game) test with Open class. There were 5 participants in Open, and 2 of them passed with gradings.

On July 2nd, we continued with the 8 Beginners class competitors out of which 6 passed and we finished the nice day with Winners Class with beautiful work of Belinda Blue-Eyed Babe At Basteta with Milda and they got well deserved 1st grade!

Thank you to everyone for helping and to all the participants taking part!