Estonian Retriever club speciality show 8.September 2019 in Kumna Manor

Judge Michael Gruber (Switzerland)
Säde (Sansue Blue Sparkle) got excellent with ck, 1st in Working Class and BOS of Working Class

Tuure (Giddygold Pure Magic of Cinnamon) participated in open class and got excellent.

Golden Special show in Finland 7. September 2019

Tuure, Giddygold Pure Magic of Cinnamon, took part of Finnish golden retriever speciality show last weekend in open class under judge Rikke Borring from Denmark and got excellent with very nice critique :)

My three shades of golden girls

Säde, her daughter Adela and Leia

Estonian Golden Retriever Club 20 years anniversary speciality show 16.08.2019

Säde 5,5 years old. Photo Reedik Leitsar
Judge Henric Fryckstrand, Sweden
Sansue Blue Sparkle (Säde) got Excellent  and 1st place in working class

Training day with Philippa Williams (UK) in Finland July 2019

Photo by Maxine Furnandiz

Photo by Maxine Furnandiz

Kutsikate ja veteranide mitteametlik show 2019

Went to socialise with the 7-months old pups of Säde and Tuscan, a dual purpose breeding, to the unofficial puppy show :) Was extremely hot day, but the pups behaved well :)

Tormi trying out kid&dog training with Meeli :)






Adela, Meeli ja Lotte

Estonian Golden Retriever Club speciality show 1st June 2019

Estonian Golden Retriever club speciality show
Judge Fiona Coward-Scholes (UK):

Säde (Sansue Blue Sparkle) won working class females and was BOS with Excellent and CQ

Tuure (Giddygold Pure Magic of Cinnamon) was shortlisted to final 5 of Open Class with Excellent

photos most kindly taken by Jaana Järveoja, Lakebrook Goldens