How I went to see and photograph Nordic Championship WT for Golden Retrievers

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Last weekend, 13-14. August Nordic Championship Working Test for Golden Retrievers was held in Finland, Messilä.
In a very last moment, I decided to drive up there and see how it all works and perhaps take some photos too if possible, as it is only 2 hour ferry and 1,5 hour car drive to north :)

There was excellent high entry: 4 teams from Denmark,  4 teams from Finland, 3 teams from both Norway and Sweden.

Winners were:
1. Team 9 / Finland 1 with points 220
    FI KVA Doubleuse Easter Rocket & Minja Vitikka (C)
    Coasthill Irish Coffee & Jorma Husso
    FI KVA Phasianus Desiree & Tuija Aaltonen
Team Finland 1

2. Team 3 / Denmark 1 with points 205
    DKBRCH FIBRCH NOJCH NORDBRCH SEJCH Tanjin Gismo & Morten Schousboe Rasmussen
    DKBRCH  Gleen Mhor`s Niko & Claus Kristensen
    Gleen Mhor’s Jack The Ripper & Kurt Vium
Team Denmark 1
3. Team 11 / Sweden 2 with points 178
    Doubleswing & Nina Johansson (C)
    SE LCH Krankesjöns Red Pearl & Andrea Andersson
    LPIII LCH Havtornets Tempranillo & Margret Bengtsson

I will upload all my photos here in Flickr, but it will take some time until all are done.

It was really wet that day :)
Me and my camera on the back :)