How I organised a retrievers qualifying test at Kisejärve, Võrumaa

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As part of the Estonian Retrievers  Society summer days, I organised the first qualifying test so far from Tallinn, at beautiful surroundings of Kisejärve, Võrumaa. Some photos taken by brilliant Pille-Riin to show the feelings of the event will follow here.
My sincere thanks will go to all participants, who were courage to try the new grounds; to the big team of helpers including judge Riin, secretary Katri, gun Õie, game handler Merle and boatman Saarnits :) Biggest congratulations will go to the team that passed the test that day - Ivi and Chilly - I am so proud and happy for you :)
Beautiful South Estonia
Judge Riin with the only passer of the test, Ivi with Chilly
Secretary and the Judge
Passing team of Ivi and Chilly

ERTÜ suvepäevad / Estonian Retriever Club summer show

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Both my dogs were totally out of coat, but as breed specialist Mary Neil was judging, I did not want to miss that chance.
Photos thanks to Kadi Haljand :)