Soome Golden Ring peanäitus Kuopios 7. veebruar 2015 / Finnish Golden Ring main show at 7th February 2015

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Judge Lynne Hennessy

Tøre - Giddygold Pure Magic of Cinnamon 17 months old (Roxali Davinci at Ritzilyn x Abinvale Vanilla Sky)
Kohtunik / judge Lynne Hennessy, GB, kennel Ritzylin
Juuniorklass / junior class
Hinne: Suurepärane / Excellent
Shortlisted to final 6

Description: "Shown and handled to advantage. A compact boy, from smaller end of the standard. Good neck, good straight forearm, kindly head and expression. For personal preference would prefer a little more personality."

Säde handled by Kadi so nicely

Säde - Sansue Blue Sparkle 10 months old (Abinvale Traguardo x Sansue Firesparkler)
Kohtunik / judge Pauline Wilson, GB, kennel Pearlbarn
Juuniorklass / junior class
Hinne: Väga hea / Very good

Description: "Pleasant bitch, nothing to dislike about her, but would prefer a little more of her overall. Adequate front angulations. Would prefer slightly more bend of stifle. Moved with confidence."

Judge Pauline Wilson

Small break in Helsinki before the ferry to home :)

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