Retriiverite erinäitus ja Eesti Võitja 2014 / Retriever speciality show and Estonian Winner 2014

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Retriiverite erinäitus 31.05.2014 / Retriever speciality show
Kohtunik / judge Alexia Kammenou, Kreeka / Greece
Hinne suurepärane / mark excellent
Sertifikaadi kandidaat / certificate candidate
Kirjeldus / description: "9 months old young dog, high quality, very nice proportion for his age, beautiful skull and expression, muzzle need to fill up but it will come with age, angulation in nice balance, lovely quality conformation, excellent strong quarters, tail set and topline, he moves well for his age."

Eesti Võitja 01.06.2014 / Estonian Winner 2014
Kohtunik / judge Barbara Krumpak, Sloveenia / Slovenia
Hinne suurepärane / mark excellent
Koht / place 4
Kirjeldus / description: "9 months old of great size. Excellent pigmentation, excellent rigcage, Good topline, correct angulation in good coat. Moves well."

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