Tallinn 1. & 2. march 2014

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Judge: Linda Volarikova, Slovakia
Place: 1, BOB
at Best in Show Puppy shortlisted to findal 7 puppies

Description: Excellent type and bones, very well mature, well developing head, correct angulation, excellent topline, moves beautifully. A truly very promising puppy!

judge on day 1: Linda Volarikova

Day 2: puppyclass
Judge Svend Løvenkjaer, Denmark
Place 1, BOB puppy
Description: very nice shape, good size, good balance and body and bone, very nice expression, super pigmentation, enough neck,  good length in body, straight foreleg, very good feet, enough angulated in rear, but still bit weak in hock, moves truly like a baby.
Judging in Puppy Class
Judge on day 2: Svend Lovenkjaer
at Best in Show Puppy

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