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Pet genomics medicine runs wild. About genetic testing issues. 2018

Genetic diversity in Golden retrievers, full results VGL 2017

Limits to genetic rescue by outcross in pedigree dogs, J.J. Windig  H.P. Doekes, 2018

Canine hyperactivity reflected in the blood count, preliminary findings University of Helsinki, 2016

Correlation of neuter status and expression of heritable disorders. Belanger J.M, Bellumori T.P, Bannasch D.L, Famula T.R, Oberbauer A.M, 2017

Differences in the geographic distribution of lymphoma subtypes in Golden retrievers in the USA. Ruple A., Avery A.C, Morley P. S., 27 July 2016

Analysis of risk factors for elbow dysplasia in giant breed dogs. Nemanic S1, Nixon BK, Baltzer W., 29 July 2016

Stress and cancer in dogs: comparison between a population of dogs diagnosed with cancer and a control population - a pilot study. Cannas S., Berteselli G.V, Piotti P., Talamonti Z., Scaglia E., Stefanello D., Minero M., Palestrini C., 8 March 2016

Questions and answers about genetic diversity: interview with Niels Pedersen, DVM, PhD, 2016

About genetic diversity

Cryptorchidism is complicated - review by C. Beuchat on Relationship of cryptorchidism with sex ratios and litter sizes in 12 dog breeds, Gubbels EJ, J Scholten, L Janss, & J Rothuizen. 2009

Genetics can be fun: on example of bobtail boxers by Dr Bruce Cattanach

Genetic diversity in Flat coated retrievers, preliminary results VGL 2016

Whilst DNA-based tests identifying disease causing mutation(s) remain the most informative approach, they must be used along with current screening schemes, genomic selection, and pedigree information in the effort to maintain genetic diversity while also significantly reducing the number of inherited disorders. (Farrell et al., 2015, The challenges of pedigree dog health: approaches to combating inherited disease)."

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How to train a working puppy, article in Finnish.