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The History Of Retrievers (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic). By Charles C. Eley 1914-1920

I The Flat-Coated Retriever
II The Flat-Coated Retriever (continued)
III The Labrador, History of
IV The Labrador at Field-Trials
V Curly-Coated and Golden Retrievers
VI Retriever trials, the future of by Captain Harry Eley
VII Retriever trials 1899-1920, a record of by Walter Baxendale

Retrievers And Retrieving - with Notes On Field Trials (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic - Labrador / Flat-Coated Retriever) by Major W.G. Eley 1913

I Early training
II Work in the field
III Observations
IV Retriever trials
V Management

The Flat Coated Retriever - A Complete Anthology of the Dog 1870-1940

Chapters from following sources:
I Breaking and training dogs: being concise directions for the proper education of dogs, both for the field and for companions: photograph. By Hugh Dalziel, 1875
II A history and description of the modern dogs of Great Britain and Ireland - Sporting division: vol II: The Flat or wavy coated black retriever. By Rawdon B. Lee, 1897
III My dog and I - being a concise treatise of the various breeds of dogs their origins and uses. The retriever (black, flat- or wavy-coated). H.W. Huntington, 1897
IV The show dog - being a book devoted to describing the cardinal virtues and objectionable features of all the breeds of dogs from the show ring standpoint, with mode of treatment of the dog both in health and sickness: The flat or wavy-coated black retriever. By H.W. Huntington, 1901
V Dog shows and doggy people: photos of Pirate and Twiddle. By C.H. Lane, 1902
VI The new book of the dog - a comprehensive natural history of British dogs and their foreign relatives, with chapters on law, breeding, kennel management and veterinary treatment. Vol II: The flat-coated retriever. Robert Leighton & L.P.C Astley, 1907
VII The kennel encyclopedia - Vol III. Ken to Spa: The Flat-coated retriever. J.Sidney Turner, W.G. Eley, 1910
VIII Dog breaking - a practical treatise on the training and management of shooting dogs - with a chapter on points of sporting dogs: photograph. Fred Gresham, 1915
IX Dogs and how to know them. Including a standard of excellence and a complete list of books on dogs from 1800 in The British Museum: The Flat-coated retriever. Edward C. Ash 1925
X The practical dog book - with chapters on the authentic history of all varieties hitherto unpublished: The Flat-coated retriever. By Edward C. Ash, 1930
XI About our dogs - the breeds and their management: The Flat-coated retriever. By A. Croxton Smith, 1931
XII Dogs of the world: The Flat-coated retriever. By Arthur Craven, 1931
XIII Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopedia: Flat-coated retriever. By Walter Hutchinson, 1935

The History of Retrievers. Compiled from the scrapbooks of H.Reginald Cooke 1903-1951

by Judi Seall, 2001
Foreword by Randle Cooke

The Golden Retriever. By Elma Stonex, 1953

Origin and History
Early show and trial dogs
Contemporary dogs
The Standard
General management
Breed Clubs and their Secretaries

The History of The Golden Retriever Club 1913-2013. By Wendy Andrews, 2013

Golden Retrievers: Research into the First Century in the Show Ring. M.N. Morphet 2011

The Balance. Oliver Kiraly 2017

The best of the best. A history of the IGL retriever championship. Graham Cox and Dr Gareth Davies. 2013

Gunning to be top dog - article about working line Holway dogs and interview with June Atkinson