History of Retrievers, early years

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- 1835 - first mention of Labradors (small Newfoundland dog or St.John's Dog used by Newfoundland fishermen as waterdog) by Major Maurice Portal in "The Gun at Home and Abroad"
- Curly coated retriever descended from old English Water-Spaniel
- Earl of Malmesbury started his Labrador kennel
- Duke of Buccleuch founded his kennels with 3 Labradors; he also was known for his pointers
- 1860 Netherby kennel of Labradors was founded by Sir Richard Graham
- 1860-70 setter and pointer commonly used for retrieving in Scotland and crossed with small (or St.John's) Newfoundland dog (Labrador) producing heavy wavy-coated dog. (History of Retrievers by Charles C. Eley, 1920)
- 1870s Dr. Bond Moore, of Wolverhampton breeding and trying to fix the type of wavy-coated retriever.
- Mr Harding Cox breeds Flatcoats (formerly named wavy-coated retrievers)
- Mr S.E. Shirley obtained his first wavy dogs from Dr. Bond Moore and Mr George Brewis; did a collie cross; major contributor of Flatcoat breed
- 1870 first field trial for retrievers at Vaynol with only 3-4 participants
- 1873 second field trial at Rhiwlas in conjuction with Setter and Pointer trials
- 1873 - The Kennel Club founded by Mr Shirley in UK
- 1884 - Hon Arthur Holland Hivvert founded his kennel at Munden; who looked for outcrossing blood in Labrador province, Canada
- 1895 - International Gundog League (IGL) was founded to popularise the field-trials
- 1900 - Retriever Society was founded as branch of IGL with regular field trials every autumn
- 1904 - first Labrador, Munden Single (born 1899) participated in IGL field trials

Pillars of their breed by Nick Waters

Buccleuch Avon, considered to be the ancestor of all modern Labrador Retrievers

The three Flat Coated Retrievers are all from the Riverside kennel of H Reginald Cooke of Nantwich and are shown with his head kennel-man. They are Ch Wrangler, Ch Roddy of Riverside and Kaffir of Riverside, all born in 1909.