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We do not have any puppy plans before 2020.

Bébés of Säde and Tuscan 7 weeks old

Bébés of Säde and Tuscan, - just born, november 2018

Goal for me is to breed as healthy puppies as in my hands and bred for their purpose - golden retrievers should have proper temperament and will to work. 

I have studied population genetics in Estonian University of Life Sciences and I am participating in a research by UC Davis, University of California to aim for greater genetic diversity and less inbreeding. I am following in my breeding work the guidelines of Finnish Golden Retriever Club.

My first breeding was 8 beautiful dual purpose puppies in the end of 2018 by Säde (Sansue Blue Sparkle) with an extraordinary working line gentleman Tuscan (Int FT CH Mistybrook Tuscan) from France. Pedigree of the puppies is in K9data with very low inbreeding coefficient of 0,1%. You can find more detailed information and pictures of this litter in here

Yip (Yellows Yellow-Watermelon-Yippee), who was a show-line golden who naturally loved to work, has sired 3 litters, you can find more information under Yip's offspring section on this website and on k9data database. I have kept a small amount of frozen sperm from Yip for the future.
Puppies of Yippee, 2007

You are most welcome to contact me by email: kadri (at) skydive.ee. We are members of Estonian Retriever Society, Estonian Golden Retrievers Society and Finnish Golden Retriever Club. We are registered at FCI.