Leia at her first Working Test

 Last weekend we participated in WT with Leia, which was first time for her. Our results in beginner class were 10+0+15+15, very happy with her and not a bad result for first time I think. Leia is Puschkin's Magic Marigold by DK VCH Vesterlyng's Token Of Clyde and Sungold Hasina, 4 years old now

Judges were Miso Sipola and Maarit Saarinen from Finland. Thanks to the organisers from Estonian GRC for a great event!

Photo: Aleksandr Kozulin
Photo: Aleksandr Kozulin
Photo: Tatjana Zamorskaja

Leia got her first result in retriever hunting test

 Judge Ari-Pekka Fontell (FIN)

Leia in beginner class - grade 3

Photos: Pille-Riin Sepp

Ralfi uuemaid pilte

2-aastane Ralf (Nordicsky Sparkling Abisko D'Aix

Leia passed the qualification test

Estonian Retriever club speciality show 8.September 2019 in Kumna Manor

Judge Michael Gruber (Switzerland)
Säde (Sansue Blue Sparkle) got excellent with ck, 1st in Working Class and BOS of Working Class

Tuure (Giddygold Pure Magic of Cinnamon) participated in open class and got excellent.

Golden Special show in Finland 7. September 2019

Tuure, Giddygold Pure Magic of Cinnamon, took part of Finnish golden retriever speciality show last weekend in open class under judge Rikke Borring from Denmark and got excellent with very nice critique :)