Autumn 2022


Leia at her first Working Test

 Last weekend we participated in WT with Leia, which was first time for her. Our results in beginner class were 10+0+15+15, very happy with her and not a bad result for first time I think. Leia is Puschkin's Magic Marigold by DK VCH Vesterlyng's Token Of Clyde and Sungold Hasina, 4 years old now

Judges were Miso Sipola and Maarit Saarinen from Finland. Thanks to the organisers from Estonian GRC for a great event!

Photo: Aleksandr Kozulin
Photo: Aleksandr Kozulin
Photo: Tatjana Zamorskaja

Leia got her first result in retriever hunting test

 Judge Ari-Pekka Fontell (FIN)

Leia in beginner class - grade 3

Photos: Pille-Riin Sepp